Saturday, July 17, 2010

Atomic Cupcake 30% off!

Guess What?!!!

Atomic Cupcake has 30% off absolutely everything at her store until Sunday!

I've just purchased her 20 credit bundle for US$49, which is normally $70. - I thought it would take me another couple of months to afford it!

So now, I just have to manage to narrow it down to twenty fave actions to download - talk about stress....

I'm going to pace myself, and try to limit it to one or maybe two new actions per month.

Surface effect actions:

Edge actions:

Element actions:


  1. Hi kathy.....I am also a huge atomic cupcake fan. I had almost all of the actions I hated to see Brianne stop creating. A month ago my hard drive melted and I lost everything. If you or anyone you know would be willing to share your actions I would be so greatful. Normally I wouldnt ask this as it would be piracy. But I did buy the actions once. My contact is



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